Get rid of trash on your property and help the environment using Trashmitter


As a property manager, figuring out where to dispose of the trash from your tenants and guests can be tedious; that is where Trashmitter can help.

Trashmitter is ​​on-demand app that allows you to arrange for bags of trash to be collected from your property and disposed of responsibly.


Of trash is generated by the
average U.S. person per day.

7-9 Billion

Tons of waste are produced
globally per year


Mileage saved by the average
Trashmitter user per year


Of trash collected by
Trashmitter Sweepers per week


Trashmitter Features

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Easy to use pick-up feature.

With our easy 3- click process within the app, you can request your trash to be picked up from your property as soon as the same day.

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Follow your Sweeper's journey from confirmation to arrival.

Want to ensure that your trash was picked up? From the moment your trash is assigned to be picked up to when our Sweeper reaches your pick-up location, you will be able to track where they are.

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Do something good for the planet.

Make a difference in the world by using Trashmitter. After pick-up, our team ensures that all waste is disposed of responsibly, and we also reduce vehicle emissions through effective pick-up routes.

Be part of the solution, not the pollution

Once you start your property with Trashmitter, all your cleaners will have to do is open up the app, pick the location, how many bags to be picked up, take a photo of them, and order a pick-up. The app does the rest.


How much will it cost?

We charge a minimum rate of $18 per order which covers the cost of up to 2 bags. Then it becomes a flat fee of $9 for each additional bag in the order.

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Start using Trashmitter 
and never worry about 
trash day again!

“I run several Airbnbs and Trashmitter
has made my life managing them so
much easier. It’s been an invaluable
addition to my business!”

Alisa Hester               

Property Manager & Hospitality Entrepeneur