Today is DIY Trash Removal Day at Trashmitter: Buy-A-Bag and Save!

Trashmitter dumpster bag cover

Trashmitter’s DumpsterBagz are Convenient, Cost Effective & All-Inclusive. Perfect for home improvement projects or job site clean up.

What’s worse than than having half your garage full of unwanted junk? How about the entire garage full of cardboard boxes, kid toys and magazines from 1994 – that could be worse.

We see you. We know you’re out there.

So if you just have too much junk for your garbage can but not enough for a full size dumpster rental, you Need-A-Bag!!

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“Such a wonderful service, highly recommend Trashmitter. My partner and I were able to cleanout the garage with just one Dumpster Bag. After driving around to several home improvement stores trying to find a green bag, we finally found Trashmitter bags online and it was super easy – Awesomeness!”

— Anna Wong, Philadelphia PA

Almost anything goes inside Trashmitter’s Dumpster Bags – Almost! (No Hazardous Waste)

*No brick, rock, dirt or other aggregates (additional surcharges may apply)

Trashmitter Dumpster Bags are Convenient & Affordable DIY Junk Removal. One bag can hold up to 3 cubic yards of demolition debris, yard waste or any other waste removal you can think of, with just a few restrictions of course.

How Does it Work?

Dumpster bag step 1

Step 1. Buy-A-Bag

Step 2. Fill-A-Bag

Dumpster bag step 2

Dumpster bag step 3

Step 3. Bag-Pick-Up

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Dumpster Bags

How much does it cost?

Trashmitter’s low price of just $275 is all inclusive so that means your one-time purchase today covers free overnight delivery of your new dumpster bag, convenient pick-up and disposal costs are included!

How long until I get my new bag? I’m ready now!

Next-Day Delivery is free to almost any zip code! if your clutter situation is urgent, contact us and ask about expedited same-day drop off at your home or place of business, additional courier fees apply to same day deliveries.

How long do we get to load up the dumpster bag?

As long as you need, there is no rental period for a disposable dumpster bag. When you’re ready just schedule your pickup order online at any time by visiting our online scheduling platform: Go HERE

Do you make bags of different cubic yard sizes?

Currently we offer a 3 cubic yd “dumpster in a bag” but feel free to order as many bags as you need at checkout, there’s no limit! Just two or three MitterBags will beat any bull bag or green bag for price, durability and service.

When should I get a dumpster rental instead of a disposal dumpster bag?

If your load is going to include all heavy debris you likely will not use the bag disposal option. Because of waste removal bag weight limit restrictions, you’ll want to rent a dumpster if you have several yards of debris. A green bag is the better option for all your smaller projects and is available in most areas.

What items are restricted – is there anything I can’t put in the Bag?

No hazardous materials like paint, batteries, chemicals or liquids in closed containers allowed, these are strict landfill and recycling center guidelines that we follow nationwide. Keep our city green! No heavy materials such as concrete debris, rocks or dirt will fit as these materials quickly exceed the bag weight limits. Some heavy bags that are overloaded or not placed curbside may still be removed by our team however additional surcharges may apply to cover the additional weight and/or labor collecting items.

My Bag is Full – what now?

Awesome! Nice job decluttering your space, let’s schedule a pick-up for your bag online: Go HERE

Ready to declutter your space?

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