Every Day Is Trash Day!

Introducing Trashmitter
An on demand waste disposal service.


Use Trashmitter to easily schedule
local trash pick-ups

Trashmitter is an on-demand app that allows users to arrange for bags of trash to be collected from a set location and disposed of responsibly.

Trashmitter Features

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Easy to use pick-up feature

With our easy 3- click process within the app, you will be able to request your trash to be picked up.

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Follow your Sweeper's journey from confirmation to arrival

From the moment your Sweeper is assigned to when they reach your pickup location, you will be able to track where they are.

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Sweeper Features

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Become a Sweeper and choose pick-ups to suit your schedule

Want to earn money on your schedule? Become a Sweeper and help the planet.

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Do something good for the planet.

As a Sweeper, you are making a difference on the world. Every trash bag you pick up, you will dispose of responsibly.

Download Trashmitter
and never worry about trash day again!

“I run several Airbnbs and Trashmitter
has made my life managing them so
much easier. It’s been an invaluable
addition to my business!”

Alisa Hester               

Property Manager & Hospitality Entrepeneur

Be part of the solution, not the pollution

At Trashmitter, we are proud to be doing our part to protect the environment. We ensure that all waste is disposed of responsibly and reduce vehicle emissions through effective pick-up routes.


Of trash is generated by the
average U.S. person per day.

7-9 Billion

Tons of waste are produced
globally per year


Mileage saved by the average
Trashmitter user per year


Of trash collected by
Trashmitter Sweepers per week

Get started today!

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Trashmitter has given me the freedom to work hours around doing my PhD – it also helped me with my car payments!

Calvin Williams
College student, Sweeper

Turn Trash into Treasure

Become a Sweeper with Trashmitter

Want to impact the environment and get paid for it?

Becoming a sweeper at Trashmitter will allow you to do both. Clean up your city and earn cash on your schedule. Join the waitlist to become one of the first to work with Trashmitter.


Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

A Trashmitter is someone who needs trash picked right away, so they send a transmission or what we like to call a “trashmission” through our app with all the details so that one of our nearby “Sweepers” can make it disappear like magic.

Trashmitter works a lot like Uber. Once you set up your account properly, open up the app, pick the location, how many bags to be picked up, take a photo of it, and order a pickup. The app does the rest.

We charge a minimum rate of $18 per order which covers the cost of up to 2 bags. Then it becomes a flat fee of $9 for each additional bag in the order.


From Airbnb or Vacation Rental hosts, Cleaning Companies, small businesses to homeowners, we’ve got you covered.

We like to call ourselves “Plan B” because we know that sometimes it’s just normal to wait for regular waste management services, but sometimes this stuff can’t wait. So call us to help.

We look at Trash as Fuel to help us build a better world, which we will do through properly tracking ALL trash. So we started with this service to eliminate the inefficiencies that contribute to garbage and litter overwhelm in the first place and create the greatest waste management tracking system this world has ever known.

We believe Trashmitter will revolutionize the Waste Management Industry by allowing anyone with a mobile device to profit financially from waste disposal through a play-to-earn game on their phone and help us clean up 1 million tons of litter in the U.S. by 2026.

It means that we will have to better track where the different types of trash go and SHOULD go. Recyclables, organic, and e-waste all need to go to the right places to reduce and ultimately eliminate landfill problems. We’re pioneering that.

 So, we are producing a litter collection game that ties into Trashmitter that anyone can play. The participants ( you!) will have the chance to win prizes and crypto for helping our Schweepee Robots clean up the planet and do good.

Trashmitter wants to partner with you, not simply to clean up the trash; we are committed to making a real difference in the world. And we invite you to join us.

What other Waste Management or Trash Valet Company do you know of claiming the same? None. That’s what makes us different.

Sweepers are what we call our drivers, our Eco-Medic Army who sweep in to make your trash problems disappear. Just like proximity-based rideshare and delivery drivers, they are crowdsourced and dispatched from somewhere close by whenever you need them. Just request through our app.

Coming Soon! To join the waitlist to become a sweeper click here.

Since we are committed to cleaning up 1 million bags of litter by December 31st, 2026, we decided we couldn’t do it alone. So we created our Green Team Program. This program is where teams, made up of kids (and their parents) who not only love the idea of making a social impact in their communities but have an entrepreneurial mindset as well. You can learn more about our Green Teams here at trashmitter.com/greenteam.

Within the app, Trashmitter will be providing and constantly expanding our network of locations where our Sweepers can unload all the bags they collect. In the meantime, as we grow our network, our current Sweepers are offloading bags at local public dumps into passing garbage trucks, and some have even just taken lighter loads home for pickup by traditional waste management trucks. 

Yes, all Sweepers would need to add their preferred bank account to receive payments for services.

That depends. We launched in June of 2022, and we would love to be available throughout the U.S. before year-end. How soon we get to your market depends on how many people express interest in becoming our customers in that area. So make sure you sign up for our waitlist now AND share this with every Airbnb host, cleaner, small business owner, real estate investor, homeowner friend, and family member you know …and maybe the Trashmitter Genie will grant your wish way ahead of schedule.

Shoot us an inquiry at team@trashmitter.com, and one of our Garbage Gnomes will get back to you shortly.

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